Rose Cultivation

Rose cultivation is quite straight forward, for roses are actually quite a hardy species. They can grow when it's plus 30 degrees and survive to about minus 10 degrees. They can withstand all sorts of human abuse and thrive in the most unusual spots.

When I moved into my present house, I came across what looked like a small root, which had been buried under a dog house for many years. Washed and replanted, it now covers an eight foot fence with beautiful white roses-- White Cascade had risen from the ashes.

Of course there are some basic cultivation requirements if you are to have bushes to be proud of, and some tending is going to be necessary. I personally think roses are relatively easy to grow if you follow three very basic rules:

  1. Buy quality bushes, grown locally.
  2. Plant for six hours of good light in well drained soil away from strong winds.
  3. Feed a little and water a lot!

Of course you could also prune, fertilize, deadhead, spray etc etc etc., but the three basics hold true and many a beautiful rose bush has been long lived because these basics have been followed.

On the other hand, we can all do with some rose cultivation guidance. One elderly lady asked me why I thought her rather large rose bush never flowered. I was at a loss for words until I asked her about pruning. " Oh yes," she said, " I prune all the time."

"Every time one of those new red shoots appear I cut it off!" Needless to say, sometimes a lack of human attention is the best!

At the other extreme, the early Romans had developed very skilled Rosarians. They could cultivate roses in winter and bloom in opposite seasons, by growing them in hothouses in which warm water was circulated. They had, in fact, developed twelve varieties of roses for cultivation at this early period in history. They knew how to select and plant, fertilize and prune.

You can be as skilled as them and we have the information to help you do that. Check below for the articles that interest you. Perhaps you would like to go the organic route, or you need to plan a garden with roses and companion plants.